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Planning Application Number: M06/P/0630
Application type: Reserved Matters Application
Application date: 15/06/2006
Planning officer: Former officer
Description of proposal:
Planning Application to retain and complete a detached house with separate garage (Re-submission of M06/P/0118)
Location of proposal:
Plot 1, Cooks Lane, Nettleton, Market Rasen, LN7 6NL
Applicant name: Mr Kash Pungi

Ward: Wold View

Parish: Nettleton

Status: Application Determined
Agent name: Palmleaf Design Ltd

Agent address: Mr Richard Likupe, 10, Tinley Close, Cottingham, Queens Drive, East Yorkshire, HU16 4EN
Date of decision: 17/08/2006
Decision: Granted time limit +conditions
Appeal date:
Appeal result:
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