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29th September 2006

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The UK Planning system is based upon the premise of a plan-led system, therefore in accordance with section 38(6) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 all planning applications and appeals will be determined in accordance with the Development Plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The West Lindsey Local Plan First Review is part of the statutory Development Plan for the District. It has been prepared having regard to Central Government Planning Policy and the Regional Spatial Strategy for the East Midlands (RSS8) which outlines the broad overarching principles for planning at UK and regional level. The Local Plan is also informed by the Lincolnshire Structure Plan Review which proposes the broad strategic issues including housing and employment provision within Lincolnshire. Policies and proposals contained within the Structure Plan Review do not refer to specific sites or locations.


The West Lindsey Local Plan First Review amplifies the broad framework of the Lincolnshire Structure Plan Review, Regional Spatial Strategy and Central Government Planning Policy. It sets out the detailed policies and proposals for the future development of the whole of the West Lindsey District for the period up to 2016 which is a ten year period following adoption which is in line with advice in PPG 12 (Development Plans). It replaces the existing West Lindsey Local Plan 1993-2001 (Adopted April 1998).

The Local Plan First Review comprises of three documents:

• Document 1 Strategy: introduction, aims, objectives, targets and the Local Plan Strategic Framework, Sustainability and Key Issues for the three Market Towns.
• Document 2 General Policies and Appendices: Topic Chapters covering the residential environments, rural economy, core policies, community, recreation and tourism, retail and town centres and the natural and built environment, together with a series of technical appendices.
• Document 3 Inset and Proposals Maps: including an overall Proposals Map for the whole District, detailed inset maps for settlements and development requirements for the allocated sites.


There are six distinct stages before adoption in preparing a Local Plan:

Issues Stage – This was an informal consultation period in 2000, which asked the residents of the District for their general ideas about what development they would like to see and where it should be located. All the responses received were considered in drawing up the First Deposit Draft of the Local Plan First Review.
First Deposit Draft – Set out the detailed policies and proposals for the District. It was placed on deposit for a statutory six-week period of public consultation in Autumn 2003 and approximately 2,000 individual representations were received from the residents of West Lindsey and other interested parties in support of or objection to parts of the plan. All representations had to be received within the six-week period to be considered. All representations were then considered by the Council and decisions were made as to what changes were to be made to the Plan.
Revised Deposit Draft – Changes were made to the Plan following the First Deposit Draft Consultation Period. The Revised Deposit Draft was placed on the six-week period of public consultation in Autumn 2004.
Public Inquiry – Unresolved objections to the Plan from the first and revised deposit stages were subject to a Public Inquiry where they were considered by an independent Planning Inspector who was appointed by the First Secretary of State. The Public Inquiry took place in February/March 2005.
Inspector's Report – Inspector's Assessment and Recommendations on the unresolved objections was received by the Council in December 2005.
Proposed Modifications & Further Proposed Modifications – The Council considered the Inspector's Report and made a decision whether to accept or reject the Inspector's Recommendations. 74 Proposed Modifications were published for consultation in February 2006. Following the consideration of the representations made, 4 Further Proposed Modifications were published for consultation in April 2006.
Adoption – The Council resolved to adopt the West Lindsey Local Plan First Review following the consideration of representations made on the Further Proposed Modifications.

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